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DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH…WEIGHT GAIN, FOOD CRAVINGS, MOOD SWINGS, LOW ENERGY, CONSTANT FATIGUE…? These are typical early warning signs that you may be one of nearly 80 million Americans with elevated blood sugar. You could be classified as diabetic, pre-diabetic, or just have slightly higher than normal blood sugar.

The above symptoms are annoying; however, studies have proven the real concern is that elevated blood sugar levels (over 100) for just several hours start to destroy the Beta cells in your pancreas. These cells are responsible for producing insulin to balance the blood sugar. The more often you allow your blood sugar to rise above this level, the more likely you are to ultimately end up with irreversible damage to your organs, and suffer with painful conditions the rest of your life.

It is imperative to take steps to balance your blood sugar now while you still have a chance – before the damage is done. Get your blood sugar tested and take the steps to maintain a normal range of fasting blood sugar in the 80 to 85 range. Now, there is Good News for EVERYONE with higher than normal blood sugar levels! DIABETES DEFENSE is a new patented product for balancing blood sugar and weight control. Backed by double-blind clinical studies, it is the only natural product shown to help balance blood sugar, reduce fat, and lower triglycerides – with just one gel cap per day.